Yohann Thiou

Collaborator Writer and Director

Originally from France, Yohann Thiou is a screenwriter and director with a degree in Image and Sound Professions at the IMCA in Avignon. He draws his inspiration from independent cinema and documentaries. He is propelled by a desire to entertain, all the while bringing the audience to reflect.

Career in Québec

Having settled in Quebec at the end of 2015, he met Audric Cussigh, director and friend, for whom he
wrote several short films in the Kino movement, including the very short film Lumino, selected at the
Montréal Urban Film Festival.

In 2017, along with director Rémi Fréchette, he came up with the idea of a feature film involving several
directors around a common story taking place in Montréal. Each director told a short story by district,
thus forming the plot of the Montreal Dead End movie. Yohann also served as co-writer and script
editor. The film was selected at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and at the Montréal
Fantasia Festival, a great success.


In 2015, best emerging talent award at the Saint-Genis-Pouilly Festival for one of his screenplays.
In 2018, recipient of the Thérèse Pinho of the Thérèse Pinho youth writing scholarship awarded by the
Alliance Médias Jeunesse.
Yohann then directed his first short in Québec: Super Monsieur. He is already at work on his next