Web Series
Web Series

Hope from one Continent to Another


 In the fall of 2016, we created a web series project. We built it up from end to end and even obtained the funding from a private partner to get the project going. We created an association between two non-profit organizations, La Force and Action Duchenne; our aim was to produce a web series featuring the annual Action Duchenne Conference in the UK to spread it out across Canada and elsewhere in the DMD community. To do so, we conducted a series of interviews with keynote speakers, scientists and industry professionals, In order to present the most promising research currently in progress and the most promising treatments. In addition, we interviewed families who have children with DMD and have started their own organization to share inspiring stories. We propelled this series in conjunction with Action Duchenne, Harrison Funds, in synergy with scientists and pharmaceutical companies.


This project has greatly enhanced the Foundation’s visibility and credibility among the international DMD community.



Inspiring Stories…



Our Responsibilities
  • Develop the concept and write grant application
  • Build relationships and establish a partnership with Action Duchenne
  • Write interview questions and organize the shoots in the UK
  • Filming and sound
  • Editing and realization
  • Editing for social media
  • English and French subtitles
  • Writing and editing of all blog post articles and publications on social media


  • Tens of thousands of views on social media and building a recurring audience on the La Force web site


You can watch this complete web series here: You Tube the Force Channel
References available upon request