Beyonds The Limits
Beyonds The Limits

A project co-directed by Audric Cussigh

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford are double world champions in figure skating. As they struggle against age, injury and a tough season, the 2018 Olympics are their last chance to win the only medal they miss: Olympic gold.


One last chance for an Olympic medal 

This short documentary of about ten minutes is part of the catalog of CBC, as well as its social networks. Accompanied by two new segments released in the form of capsules for social media, “Beyond the Limits” documents the chaotic journey of the duo during their last year of training for the 2018 Olympic Games. Co-written and co-directed by our collaborator Audric Cussigh, this production also contains images signed by our collaborator. In the end, the story of Meagan and Eric was seen, loved and shared by tens of thousands of Internet users both on the web portal and social media of CBC.


Written and directed by:

Audric Cussigh and Syril Tiar

Produced by:

Les productions Rapide Blanc

Sylvie Van Brabant

Amélie Lambert Bouchard

Katherine Giguère


 References available upon request.