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Studying the Underlying Effect of Obesity 

Do you know that one in four Canadians struggle with obesity? This has now become a public health problem. The research team at Mon Lab is striving to understand the effects of obesity in order to improve treatments. Obesity is now considered a chronic disease and is very complex to treat. We had the pleasure of contributing to all stages of development of this new brand and designed and executed the website, in close collaboration with Professor Sylvia Santosa


Our Mandate: 
Web Strategy and Communications 

This turnkey project has allowed us to broaden our palette. We drew up a Web communication plan in which we first focused on targeting our audiences. Subsequently, we conducted a x keyword earch to build content that is conducive to good SEO on the Web. We also wrote a Guide to obesity for SEO purposes. The website was designed to generate optimal coverage on social networks.


Our Responsibilities: 
  • Web communication plan
  • Writing an elevator pitch
  • Keyword Search
  • Architecture, arborescence
  • Web development
  • Copywriting, including the Guide to Obesity
  • Project management and coordination between subcontractors and partners


Long-term Impact of our Work
  • Our work will help the My Lab team to increase their funding from the multiple agencies that fund its research program;


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References available upon request