Web Series
Web Series

Five Canadian Stories to Unify the DMD Community 


Educating, gathering and solidifying the Canadian Duchenne community is an important facet of the Force Foundation’s mission, because Canadians afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (a rare disease) only number around 1,000 people and are scattered on a large territory. Our best option to reach them is to create a virtual meeting place on the web. We produced a web series entitled “Portrait of Duchenne”, made up of 5 short Web docs intended for webcasting. We also produced 3 dynamic interviews with scientists conducting cutting-edge research for Duchenne to spread hope within the community. Our team also created an end to end web site to host the web series.


Our goal was to reach the DMD community by inspiring them and propelling the stories efficiently on the web and social media.


Our Responsibilities 
  • Prospecting private partners to obtain funding for the project
  • Writing grant applications to fund the project
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with partners
  • Recruiting participants, preparing interviews, sourcing shooting locations, etc.
  • Production of web videos doc our “Short Docs” team
  • Structuring and scripting the story
  • Scripting and development of interview questionnaires
  • Interviewing the participants
  • Filming, post-production, editing
  • Designing of (end to end) Web site vloglaforcedmd.com (Web development, hosting, architecture, French and English content)
  • Implementing advertising campaigns on social media (Facebook pixel, remarketing, targeted audiences)


Video Format 
  • 5 5-minute short Web Docs featuring inspiring stories (3 to 5 minutes)
  • 3 interviews with Canadian DMD researchers


Our Reach 
  • Scope: 213,039 Internet users
  • Viewing: 97,964 Internet users
  • Interactions: 3,263
To watch the complete Web Series visit this site: www.vloglaforcedmd.com
References available upon request