Sab & Steph
Sab & Steph


Project directed by Audric Cussigh


In the summer of 2018, “Les Jumelles Barabé” (The Voice Season 1) updated their artistic identity and renamed their act: “Sab & Steph”. They hired Audric to direct their video clip for the two versions of “Take Me Back Home”, to be used to promote their new identity in the press and on social media. The video clip was appreciated by the artists and their record company, the result was excellent for the artists and to propelled efficiently their new image on the web, social media and in the traditional media.


The team

Directed by: Audric Cussigh

Photo / DOP Director: Marc-André Ménard

Hairstyle / Hairstyle: Myriam Garruto

Makeup / MUA: Viviane Alexandra Tardif

Clothes / Clothes: Dynamite

Production coordinator / Production coordinator: Joelle Proulx



References available upon request.