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Cofounder, Marketing and eeb Director

La Force Foundation is a passion project co-founded by Mireille Roy. In 2013, a when a long-time friend Marie-Catherine DuBerger, was hit with a diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy for her son Anakin, the pair decided to launch a foundation to help access new treatments faster in Canada. Duchenne muscular dystrophy also known as DMD, is a fatal degenerative muscle disease with a life expectancy in the twenties. Mireille used her expertise in sales, marketing and video production to grow the organization. She drove business development with major partners and successfully set up the entire La Force Web communication platform. Over the first two years of La Force, she was an important participant in obtaining a yet unapproved treatment in Canada for four young boys. She subsequently set up the website. In order to feed this platform and grow it, she obtained a Google Grant and produced two “Web Series”, including “Portrait of DMD” a Canadian project.


Overview of Achievements with La Force
  • Drafting and execution of a three-year marketing plan (2016 to 2018)
  • Developping relations with partners
  • Researching and securing funding from private partners to set up the communications platform
  • Developement from end to end to Web site and
  • Researching and hiring the freelancers needed to develop the website
  • Obtaining a Google Grant for the referencing of the website
  • Budgeting and delivery of various projects within deadlines for partners
  • Prodution from end to end and of two Web series “Portrait of Duchenne” and “Science and research interviews in London”
  • Editorial schedule for blogs and social media
  • Implementation of advertising campaigns and remarketing on social media


The Results
  • $130,000 in grants solicited and obtained from private partners
  • $100,000 US annual grant from Google
  • $30,000 in research grants awarded to two Québec researchers
  • Unique visitors from 2016 to 2018— 90,000 visitors 7,000 visitors (recurring)
  • Number of views of our web video series in social media from 2016 to 2018 94,000 minutes


To learn more about the projects visit here, the established websites:
References available on request