Montréal Dead End
Montréal Dead End

Large Scale Production with Small Budget

Montréal Dead End is an omnibus of 15 short films put together to form a single 85-minute feature film. There is still momentum around this production that has been broadcast in several festivals during the summer of 2018, including the SPASM Festival (Mtl), the Fantasia Festival (Mtl), the Québec City Film Festival or yet the Mexico’s Morbido Festival. Both critics and public alike were conquered at each screening. Not surprisingly, Montréal Dead End won the Public’s Prize at Fantasia. Our two collaborators, Yohann Thiou and Audric Cussigh contributed significantly to its success. The original idea is actually Yohann’s! Here is a brief overview of this project.

Montréal Dead End groups 18 filmmakers, a hundred actors and actresses and over 300 technicians and volunteers. The project is based on an original idea of Yohann Thiou and Rémi Fréchette. Both partners have been driving this film forward since 2016. It was no small task to successfully get everyone on board working on a voluntary basis as well as executing the whole production on such a small budget!

“It’s no small feat. If we also consider the professional quality of the final result and the meager budget of $30,000 that covered the expenses relating to a film shoot, it’s rather a miracle, ‘wrote Louis-Philippe Coutu-Nadeau in TV QC.


Audric Cussigh Directs the Segment Entitled “Jeu d’enfant” 

For his part Audric Cussigh directed the segment entitled “Jeu d’enfant, which takes place in a green alley in the Rosemont borough. In this segment, an elderly woman is confronted with an incarnation of evil.


A Vote of Confidence for our Future Productions 

The success of this project demonstrates Yohann Thiou’s and Audric Cussigh’s ability to deliver high-quality productions with limited budgets. In addition, the fact that production of the project lasted more than a year demonstrates their tenacity and strength of character.


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Co-creator, co-screenwriter and script doctor by: Yohann Thiou

Produced by: Les Films Sans Issue Inc.



References available upon request.