Mireille Roy


Originally from Beauce (Québec), Mireille landed in Montreal after living three years on the west coast in Canada. After graduating her studies in communication, she built her career in the media field. Today, she has to her credit a decade of experience in the field of television production.

A Total Of 15 Years Experience In The Media Industry

She will touch everything in the magazine business at Key Media, where she acts as coordinator. She assumes a variety of responsibilities ranging from distribution, editorial coordination and many others.  Subsequently, she will make the jump to the Metro Montreal newspaper, in full growth at the time. This will be her first sales job and she will be able to build a robust $ 1 million portfolio from scratch. Her work as an employee will end with a contract at Rogers Media during which she will represent the Châtelaine and Loulou magazine brands.

Freelancer Multimedia

In 2009, she will start her own business as an independent representative. She will work for a variety of independent media such as Urbania, ZINK Magazine (NYC-based print and web magazine) and also high-end real estate publications (Canada and US), including “Homes and Land”. This vast experience has allowed her to acquire marketing knowledge in several niche vertical markets and now work with lesser-known brands, a totally different challenge.

Virage TV Production And Web

Although she is not that old (!), She still experienced the fall of print media, and that is why in 2010 she will begin to apply her business development skills to independent television producers. She participates in the development of the major partnerships of the “Martin Horik Octane” series, produced by HD International, broadcast on V-Télé and now on the RDS Sports channel, to cite just one example. She will also participate in the launching the “Shore Lunch” series, produced by Kamard Production, for which she will find all the sponsors of the initial season. In 2013, she co-founded the La Force Foundation with a long-time friend.

Marketing and Web Communications

She created from scratch and provided the financing of the La Force communication platform: laforcedmd.com website and vlog.laforcedmd.com.  She obtained a Google Grant, produced a series of short documentaries entitled Portrait of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. She is currently in the final stages of finalizing a documentary on families whose children have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She gained a lot of experience in managing freelance teams and web communications.

A go-getter, who never gives up!

Armed with such a baggage, Mireille is able to tackle major “corporate” and television productions. You
can trust her!