Audric Cussigh

Collaborator/Director and project manager

After studying in cinema and accumulating multiple experiences in the field of video and television production, Audric left France for Québec. Upon arriving in Montréal, he acquired vast experience as a director, realizing various productions and project management.  He is notoriously versatile and adapts easily to any kind of project.

Solid corporate” experience

Upon his arrival in Montreal, he gained experience both in directing and post-production in several agencies and production houses. There, he acquired experience in directing and project management.  Audric is creative in his projects and adapts to the needs of SMEs as well as large companies like Bell, Sun Life or Novartis. He has a knack for understanding quickly and in detail the marketing needs of his clients.

An impressive wave of film and television productions

He has directed commercials for Oxfam Québec with André Sauvé, then joined the Kino movement where he directed his first short films, Lumino et conséquences. The first was presented at the Urban Films Festival, while the second was part of the program of the Fantastiques weekends du cinéma québécois, 2017 edition. The same year, he launched a first documentary, entitled Beyond The Limits, for CBC Short Docs, and directed a feature film segment Montréal Dead End, which after being shown at BIFFF and Fantasia in 2018 continues to make its way in festivals.

Professional, resourceful and with a sense of humor!

In addition to his many professional talents, Audric is very pleasant, punctual and dedicated to what he does. He also has a unique sense of humour: beware of his clever plays on word! These are only some of the personal qualities that make all projects doable when he’s there, no matter the context or conditions!